Hot Coffee Books


We at Hot Coffee Books have worked very hard to offer you the author a comprehensive, affordable and quality alternative to the all too often frustrating world of conventional publishing.

We offer the following services to enable you to realise your dream of becoming a published author.

Our Self-publishing service allows any author to publish their book and, for a comparatively small outlay, will receive a good quality product which they are free to market themselves. This ensures that the author remains in control of their book at all times. Once published, books will be enabled for distribution with major online retailers and wholesalers; ensuring that authors do not need to be involved in fulfilling customer orders, leaving them free to market the book on their chosen platforms.

Print on Demand (POD) and Fulfilment Self-published books are available, post publication, on a print-on demand basis. This means that your book’s digital files will be held by the printer until a book order is received and then the book is printed, literally ‘on demand’ and delivered to the buyer, we use Ingram services . No more piles of books sitting in warehouses or in your garage, just order books from us as you need them for your promotions and sales drives.