Publishing Package

We at Hot Coffee Books have worked very hard to offer you the author a comprehensive, affordable and quality alternative to the all too often frustrating world of conventional publishing.

We offer the following services to enable you to realise your dream of becoming a published author.

Proofreading consists of checking and correcting the spelling, grammar and punctuation of a written manuscript as well as the consistency of style. Copy-editing further includes suggesting re-wording to improve the flow of text, checking facts and references and alerting the publisher and author of any possible legal implications.

Professional typesetting of your book. Our typesetters will professionally layout the interior of your book followed by the cover in high resolution, ready for print.

Professional cover design - Using your image for the front cover; we will put together a professional cover for your book, be it paperback, case laminate hardback or a dust jacket. If you don’t have an image prepared, then we will create one for you to your taste and approval.

An ISBN number – International Standard Book Number. Your book will have its own unique ISBN number assigned – this will enable you to sell it via any bookstore or internet site.

We will send you pdf proofs throughout the process for your approval or amendment.

10x complimentary printed copies of your new book. Upon receipt of your approval of the final proofs, your book will be sent to press, and 10 copies will be delivered to you within 4 weeks max.

Online distribution to all major international retailers for one full year (renewable). Your book will be made available for sale from websites such as amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, Waterstones, Foyles, Barnes & Noble, Ingram amongst others.

Wholesale distribution via Bertram, Gardners and Nielsen throughout the UK and US. Your book will be available from these companies for maximum UK distribution coverage.

Placed on legal deposit with UK National Libraries and the National Library of an additional territory of your choice By law, a copy of your book needs to be sent to the British Library. We will take care of this and additionally we will send copies to the other 5 UK National Libraries: the Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford, Cambridge University Library, The National Library of Scotland, The Library of Trinity College, Dublin and The National Library of Wales. We will also send to the National Library of the additional territory you chose, for which we will include that territory’s ISBN for its own edition.

Print on demand allows you to order additional copies of your book at wholesale price + P&P, one at a time if you like. Simply let us know how many copies you want and we will send you a quote and place your order. Paperbacks will be delivered in 8-10 working days and hardbacks in 10-15 working days as standard but we can offer expedited services at an additional cost if required.

how our

Publishing works

Our Self-publishing service allows any author to publish their book and, for a comparatively small outlay, will receive a good quality product which they are free to market themselves. This ensures that the author remains in control of their book at all times. Once published, books will be enabled for distribution with major online retailers and wholesalers; ensuring that authors do not need to be involved in fulfilling customer orders, leaving them free to market the book on their chosen platforms.

Print on Demand (POD) and Fulfilment Self-published books are available, post publication, on a print-on demand basis. This means that your book’s digital files will be held by the printer until a book order is received and then the book is printed, literally ‘on demand’ and delivered to the buyer, we use Ingram services . No more piles of books sitting in warehouses or in your garage, just order books from us as you need them for your promotions and sales drives.