We are a new breed publishing house in London with a global outlook.


Hot Coffee Books

Hot Coffee Books are dedicated to a spirit of partnership, innovation and satisfaction of our authors and readers. We combine ‘old media’ experience and culture with ‘new media’ methods. We are focused on bringing fresh books from bright minds into national and international limelight. Our niche in the industry is that we are book hounds who sniff out books where there should be one, and pursue the prospect until it is born.

There are millions of issues, concepts, personalities, stories, thoughts, subjects, topics, events, etc which are organic and original in content which will be highly beneficial to global readers, but sadly, these stories are yet unwritten.

People and organisations who are a part of, and even key players, in events and subjects of historical proportions go to the grave with their stories. Personalities whose lives are indeed the stuff that bestsellers are made of have no biographies. There are no literary legacies bequeathed to generations. Consequently, humanity is deprived of the privilege of benefitting from them. This dire literary need is, in fact, what gave birth to Hot Coffee Books.

Our People

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Ayo Ayeni

Ayo Ayeni

Managing Partner

Deji Ayeni

Alexandra Klein

Alexandra Klein


Our Literary Team

Our literary team comprises top quality writers, copywriters, editors, illustrators, cover designers and printers who come with years of experience. Furthermore, some of our distinguished writers and editors are authors in their own right. They are able to work from any part of the world. The company’s insistence on global best practices and good quality delivery needs a team with no less mettle.


Our publishing package gives the author, a high level of involvement together with creative control and includes rigorous editorial service, high-quality production, professional jacket design, publicity, marketing, a strong UK, US and African sales force, global marketing, warehousing and distribution, sales management and inclusion in every important catalogue, on our website and on Amazon and other digital platforms.


Every author - and every book - is different. That’s why our writing, editing and publishing service is fully personalised. We look after each stage of the process, from discussing the book idea right through to publishing and distributing the finished book.

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Let’s help bring ‘that’ book out of your head to bookshelves worldwide.