Get to know Hot Coffee Books

Get to know Hot Coffee Books

Hello there, we’re glad you found your way to Hot Coffee Books, so let’s get to know one another. You may be wondering who we are, so let’s introduce ourselves.

Hot Coffee Books is a publishing company located in the vibrant city of London, with Nigerian roots and global ties. We want to get to know you, and we hope to become amazing friends with you.

Books and literature have found a way to bring people around the world together, as the stories told by creative writers, have allowed us to journey without a passport. We have read about real and fictional countries and people, who have inspired us and shaped part of our minds. Literature is a door to the possibility of various worlds existing simultaneously. This is why we are passionate about writers and readers, here at Hot Coffee Books.

We are more than your regular publishing company, but a bridge for creatives, especially those on the African continent, to connect and share ideas that will shake the world. The world seems to be in so much chaos right now, but we can always take a break and escape into alternate realities. Your idea might be the next big thing, and we are here to help you actualise those dreams. We’re really eager to know what you do and how we can become a part of it.

It’s been a rough year for all of us around the world, from the outbreak of the corona virus, to various protests in countries across the world, and we say, there is no better time for creatives than now. What a time to be alive! This is our opportunity to seize the moment, and immortalize everything we can see and witness through writing. The world is our oyster, and writing is our tool to showing people different experiences through different lenses. Especially the young African writer, whose content has been limited or not given enough attention. We want to be the backbone of the structure, giving your ideas a stable foundation to build with.

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